Game Design Document state report 06

Game Design Document state report 06...

Hi there!

Tragic Bronson...

I still haven’t started implementing gameplay. That’s a bad news. I hoped I’ll get “placeholder” gameplay implemented until the New Year... not gonna happen!

I had some JKA2 unrelated problems last month... actually last few months but last month was the culmination.

And the manifestation of this culmination is BSOD on the computer I’m working on! Well – yey!

But... Let’s put things into a context (no one involved will read this so why the hell not...).

For the last few months I was negotiating to start to work on a project. Murphy’s Law showed its best features here, and from original 99% project’s start probability it got to almost 0% last week.

Though I still think I’ll work on it in some manner, but I don’t know what is really happening so... there’s that.

The other thing is – I was to start making few things for this project last month (regardless of the delays, and I was supposed to be paid for it) and soon after I started working my working computer got BSOD.

To go deeper I should mention that three months ago RAM died and then a month later graphics card died too... and then there was BSOD. Obviously there is some major issue. I hoped, since this project should have started in September, I’ll be able to buy a new computer before a major crash. But of course Murphy’s Law caught me and everything that could get wrong went wrong!

Why I’m mentioning my working computer? I have all my programs installed there, all the SDKs, all the projects... and RPG maker.

I have another computer (using it now) and I installed just the essential programs needed to do the work. I (naively) hoped I’ll get the money for this part of the job I did until Black Friday, so I can buy a new computer and use it as a New Working Computer ™.

You guessed correctly! I didn’t get the money! And the whole project got itself into the “wtf is happening stage” (this is also a ™).


So... right now I’m typing all this holding the keyboard on my lap and using my gaming computer (well, it’s obviously slightly upgraded into a working computer now).

I refuse to reposition this computer and switch it with the BSOD infested one! That will surely force the Universe to do something in my favor!


Just to spice things up – I’m a proud owner of the money I didn’t get from one Croatian guy, one German guy and one Italian guy... and they don’t seem too eager to pay right now.

I know how Jessie would solve this... The sad thing is – I’m not as cool as Jessie is!

In fact I’m so uncool that I’m afraid to step outside of the house – surely a piano will fall on my head... followed by an anvil... followed by an angry old lady with her just bought monthly supply of groceries!


Stay tuned... and wait for a new batch of unluck which will strike me for sure!



I don’t want to work on JKA2 while I feel angry and frustrated. Working on it would make me happier in normal conditions, but I can’t concentrate until all this... cheat gets resolved.


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ohhhhh, BSODs on a daily basis ( and a certain Croatian hardware guy ) nearly ruined my life.  get some cloud storage and OS disk image to feel safer about your data at least, fuck hardware : )) 

At least I've saved all the projects and stuff. Main problem is with all those programs, sdk-s, packs... all the stuff I needed to install in order for projects to work. I don't remember the half of it!

Maybe it is the time to start from scratch... But it isn't THE GOOD time, damn it!